On-Site Mask Fit Testing and Training

OSHA requires annual fit testing for all those who need a respirator. This requirement could be difficult for a company to complete if they do not have the correct training, personnel, or equipment needed to comply, or if they have to send employees to another location in order to receive training and complete the testing.  While other companies may have other mask fit testing locations that a company must send their employees to, there are some companies out there that have an on-site policy in order to help companies receive the testing, equipment, and services needed to comply with OSHA’s demands. The mission of these companies is to help their clients get the fit testing they need and maintain OSHA compliance regarding the use of respirators in an effective and cost-controlled manner. These companies offer complete solutions for their clients’ needs encompassing all aspects of the fit testing process and compliance with OSHA.

What these services entail:

  • Help plan a productive fit testing clinic at the client’s location.
  • Provide solutions that reduce the client’s Respirator Compliance program cost.
  • Eliminates the need to send employees to occupational health clinics for fit testing.
  • Provides the supplies needed such as educational materials, testing supplies and fit testing certification documents. They fit test the employees with N-95 / N-100 respirator (TB masks) and half-face / full face respirators as specified by current OSHA-accepted respirator fit test protocols.
  • Trained staff in OSHA fit testing protocols with the client’s chosen respirator.
  • Flexible scheduling accommodates multiple shifts and departments.
  • Supplies Registered Nurses to evaluate OSHA medical questionnaires and qualified staff familiar with and trained in OSHA specific protocols to perform testing.
  • All protected medical information is kept confidential.
  • Also includes education on an alternative to accommodate for individuals who can’t wear a respirator.
  • Due to OSHA requirements of written records of respirator protocols that are specific to each workplace and the use of respirators, they will guide clients through the documentation for compliance and offer customized plans tailored to the specifications of each client’s facility.
  • Services include include both a hard and electronic copy of the fit test records at the end of a clinic.
  • Customize plans for on-going testing of new hires and annual re-testing for compliance.

These companies don’t have outlying mask fit testing locations that the client must send their employees to.  They instead bring the locations to their clients. They will set, discuss, and implement a plan that addresses every need the client has about the OSHA respirator protocols, from the testing event to documents and procedural plans.

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