Earn Bitcoins on Gambling and Other Different Ways

Bitcoins is a crytpocurrency that is gaining popularity amongst businesses, retailers, and merchants. Bitcoin ATMs are also getting installed in the last couple of years and it is predicted that its price will surpass $100,000 by 2020 because more and more people will consistently join the bitcoin revolution. Even the online casinos have started to accept bitcoins as their payment method.

Reasons to use bitcoin casino

You can open an account with BitCoin gambling website because of several reasons.


Centralised sources like banks hold transaction cash for 4 to 5 or more days but with bitcoin as payment method, wagers can benefit from instant transactions. It is totally free from the red tape involved otherwise. Credit card transactions are instant but banks charge users more than bitcoins for this privilege.


Debit or credit card use online means wagers need to share their sensitive details, which can cause security breaches. This concern gets vanished with using bitcoin as there is no need to share personal details with any online casinos.


Bitcoin is relatively public currency but due to blockchain tech, it is more confidential than regular payment methods. Bitcoin email address gets generated through your wallet and is totally anonymous. People can see wallet exists but no one gets to know who owns it.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency concept is decentralized, which has helped build features like reliability, security, anonymity and transparency, especially for gamblers. Therefore, it is time to start accumulating bitcoins yourself in several ways.

Earn bitcoin using casino bonuses

Everyone finds the bonus concept appealing. Getting a little extra on what you already have is an exciting thing even when you play at online casinos. It helps to turn your 1BTC into 2BTC easily but play smartly.

This extra reward can be in the form of welcome bonus for signing with the bitcoin casino. It can be in the form of free spins that can be tried on the game the casino promotes or no deposit bonus. There are loyalty bonuses offered to regular players, so as to keep them engaged on their platform. For whatever reason you get bitcoin bonus offered, it is the skills that can help to transform them into real money. You can easily do it playing skill games to win actual money and withdraw it once wagering conditions are fulfilled.

Other ways to start earning bitcoin

Become bitcoin miner

As the popularity of bitcoin mining process has increased, rewards have become very competitive as many people join together in mining pools and have to split the rewards. Moreover, you need a very potent computer, thorough knowledge about how bitcoin mining functions.

Earn bitcoin through freelancing jobs

Many jobs offer cryptocurrency payment, which is a great way to gather bitcoins. There are several online freelancing sites that advertise job opportunities of businesses who hire freelancers and pay them in bitcoins.

Business owner can accept bitcoin payments

As a business owner start accepting bitcoins as payment method, even if you have a land-based store. You will just have to sign up with an e-wallet. Display QR code in your store or on the website, which will allow customers to add funds in your account.

Perform online surveys, view ads and sign up for subscriptions to earn bitcoins. Thus, you can see besides gambling there are many ways to earn bitcoins.

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