5 Social Media Tips to Help You Land a Job

The Ticket to Work program can be very beneficial for people with various abilities to enter the workforce and successfully reach their personal and professional goals. Another great tool that you can use to find a great fit and land the perfect job is something you’re already using every day anyway—your social media profiles! Here are some of the best tips for leveraging social media to help you find a job.

Have a Complete Profile

Recruiters are always using social media to scout for applicants before jobs are even posted. Make sure your profile is complete and is clear about what you’re looking for. Be sure your education section and employment history are complete, and your skills and interests are relevant as well.

Join Relevant Networking Groups

Across all different social media profiles, people are having conversations about topics that are relevant to you and your professional aspirations. As you join these conversations, you can both poise yourself as a subject matter expert or just use the conversations to get to know more about the field you’re interested in.

Stiffen Up Your Privacy Settings

When looking for work, make sure your privacy settings are such that you’re painting the best image of yourself on social media. When you have job interviews or submit your resume to prospective employers, be advised that most those potential employers are going to look you up on social media before calling for a first or second interview.

Let People Know You’re Looking

You may already be sitting on some promising job leads without even knowing it. When you’re open on your social media profiles about seeking new opportunities, you may find that you’re able to find the perfect role sooner. Some of the best ways to get a new gig is through word of mouth.

Follow and Engage Relevant Companies

When using social media, be aware that many companies may already go on social media to find prospective candidates for upcoming position vacancies. A great way to position yourself as a prime candidate is to follow prospective employers on your social media and engage with their posts online.

Whether you’re looking for ways to get your first job or making a major career change, the Ticket to Work program can help. It’s a good idea to also never underestimate the power of social media. In conjunction with the skills you’re learning through Ticket to Work, your social media profiles can be powerful allies.

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