4 Benefits of Hologram Labels

In all likelihood, you’ve seen holographic security labels on certain products in stores, such as official sportswear. These labels are used to prove that a specific product is authentic and not a knockoff. One of the primary reasons for the use of these security features is that creating forgeries of them are nearly impossible and the adhesiveness of the stickers creates visible damage if there is any tampering. Here are four benefits of using hologram labels on products.

Security of Products

One of the primary advantages of holographic security labels is that they cannot be cleanly removed once the adhesive has set in. If the sticker is removed, there will be visible damage on the image from which the sticker was removed. If someone attempts to remove the holographic sticker, it will be damaged to the point that it is obvious that it has been removed. This ensures that it can’t be put on other items as a way to make it seem as though they are authentic.

Incorporating Company’s Logo

Holographic security labels are customizable so that they can incorporate the company’s logo. This has multiple advantages. These labels are highly visible due to their uniqueness so they draw attention from consumers. Having your logo on a holographic label will create more brand visibility on displayed products. Incorporating a company’s logo on a holographic label also increases the security as it will match the logo on the item. If someone attempts to reproduce an item with another company’s logo, even if they have a holographic label, the lack of a match will prove the item is inauthentic.

Label Products

Holographic labels have several ways of placing specific codes on them which are visible to consumers. Placing a code on each item when displayed on your website or other areas as well as on the holographic labels will make it easier for customers to find the item they previously saw and there will be no way to tamper with that code.

Visual Appeal

In addition to catching the eye of consumers, holographic labels have become a popular style over the years. Whether on shirts or caps, people like to keep these holographic features on the product as they wear them around. Depending on your target market, this may make your items more desirable to a certain portion of consumers. There are many advantages to having hologram labels on your products. These stickers are nearly impossible to remove as a whole, allowing them to protect your items. They also have become a stylistic choice over the years for a certain type of consumer. From protecting your brand to catching the eye of shoppers, your product should not be without this adhesive sticker.

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