Activities and Places Not to MISS on Philadelphia Family Tour

Philadelphia is a popular family destination. It has historical and educational attractions. Philly even has family favorite spots like aquarium, zoo, and top-class science museum. For adventurous minded there are exciting sporting games to choose from along with plenty of outdoor recreational activities.

Plenty of art and culture can be discovered in Philly. Visit the NWS Philadelphia musical or yoga events. Foodies can also be thrilled at the expanding local culinary scene. First time visitors can find it overwhelming to decide – what is worth and what to skip? Some things tourists in Philadelphia need to do are given below.

Explore Rail Park

Rail Park’s first phase is complete and is open to public. It is an elevated park, where tourists enjoy lush greenery, elevated city views, public art, bench style swings, space for gathering, and plenty of seating. The section arches from Broad & Noble streets to Callowhill streets.

Unlock creativity at Wax + Wine

People of all age can connect through communication and creativity at this studio space located in Downtown. Unlock your creativity at ‘Candle Bar’ or communicate with family and friends sipping cup of coffee or glass of wine. Just stop for half an hour and create scented candle for your loved one or take an exhilarating two-hour class of candle making and sniffing more than one hundred scent.

Spend evening at The Oval+

Near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is located an 8-acre public space, which is close to several cultural attractions including The Barnes Foundation, Museum of Art, and Franklin Institute. The Oval+ space has turned into a friendly metropolitan oasis for foot walkers. It invites everyone to enjoy outdoor movie nights, mini-golf, free fitness classes, dance parties, and games. There are food trucks all lined up around The Oval+ space, where you can eat snacks and meals. On weekends, cold brew at the picturesque outdoor beer garden can be enjoyed with live music sessions.

Moshulu is a landmark not to miss

Moshulu is oldest and largest 4-masted ship in the world. It is permanently docked on Delaware River Waterfront. Today, it serves as a restaurant that serves American cuisine. On the outdoor decks you can enjoy meals along with breathtaking views of waterfront and Philly skyline.

Philadelphia Zoo

The Zoo is housed within the 42-acre Victorian Garden having tree lines walks, animal sculptures, and formal shrubbery. It is where many ‘firsts’ were garnered.

  • First zoo leased in the US [1859]
  • First chimp and orangutan births in the US zoo [1928]
  • First children zoo in the world [1957]
  • First white lions got exhibited in the US [1993]

Moreover, the zoo is home for 1,300 animals and botanical collection of more than 500 plant species, fine veterinary and ground-breaking research facilities.

Franklin Institute

This is an old museum opened in 1824 to honor Benjamin Franklin for his inventiveness. Best science museum, where exhibits cover variety of topics related to biology, engineering, technology, eco-science, and more. The whole museum offers fun but the main highlights are –

  • High-tech ‘Your Brain’ that offers peek into human brain’s inner functions.
  • ‘Sportszone’ that concentrates on scientific features of sports.
  • A couple of ‘Escape Rooms’, where you can solve puzzles & riddles in specific time period.
  • ‘Virtual Reality Demo Space’

These are just some of the things to enjoy in Philadelphia with your family and friends.

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