4 Colors to Paint Your Brick Home

Many homeowners assume that you can’t really paint the exterior of brick homes or can only paint them certain colors. While some will help in making the house look better than others, you can use a variety of colors on brick that will help you find the appearance you desire. Here are four colors for brick residential painting services in Kennesaw and the impact they will have on the look of your home.

Bright White

Many brick homes are older and provide a classic look. While many people buy these homes for this specific reason, others may want a more modern appearance. Painting the brick a bright white will allow the home to appear sophisticated and modern. You can add warmer colors around the house as accents which will work well with the white. Painting the house white will also make it so the red or brown of the brick doesn’t show through the white, allowing you to maintain the color.

Cream or Off-White

If bright white is too much for you and you would prefer a more aged look for your home, consider painting the house cream or off-white. This color will allow the natural color of the brick to bleed through the paint a little bit, providing a classic appearance for the house. As time goes on, the natural color of the brick will likely appear slightly through most paint colors. This will immediately create a weathered look that will make the home appear natural over time.


If white is a little too bright or bold for you, gray is a color that can provide a similar feel but is a little more subtle. For those that prefer something similar to white but not quite as bright, lighter shades of gray are an alternative. You’ll be able to maintain that classic look but not have it stand out as much. If you’re looking for a color that’s not brick but offers the same natural feel, a darker gray may do the trick. Gray also allows for a greater variety of accent colors, such as white or black for a traditional feel or warmer neutral colors for a modern appearance.


Painting a brick house red will allow you to bring out the natural tone of the brick. This will provide a traditional appearance while allowing for more options of accent colors. Depending on what colors you pair with the red brick, you can create either a modern or traditional appearance, whichever is a better fit for your style.

Depending on the color you paint your brick house and the accents that go with it, you can create a modern or traditional appearance. These are four of several options when hiring residential painting services in Kennesaw to spruce up your brick home.

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