5 Fascinating Facts About Children’s Swim Classes

Swimming is such an important skill for people of all ages to have. You’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to water safety, and getting kids in the water from an early age is essential. The benefits of children’s swim knowledge are vast and varied, as it’s so wonderful for kids to be comfortable and confident in the water. With fantastic options for kids and baby swim class in Los Angeles, CA, now is the best time to get the young ones in the water. Here are five fun facts you should know about children’s swim classes!

Big Fear

There is a lot of motivation to sign kids up for child and baby swimming classes in Los Angeles, CA. Perhaps one of the biggest motivators is the fact that drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for kids under five, according to the American Institute for Preventative Medicine. If parents want to protect their kids and ensure their water safety, swim lessons are the way to go.

Family Patterns

Another important thing to keep in mind about children’s and baby swimming classes in Los Angeles, CA, is that these interactive and educational sessions can help combat difficult and dangerous trends. For example, children with parents who don’t know how to swim have only a 13% shot at learning to swim themselves. Early swim lessons can change this, and give kids the chance to learn and grow in the water, regardless of their parent’s abilities.

Drowning Dangers

Even though its scary and unsettling, it’s important to know and always remember that children are at risk near and in water. In fact, a young child can drown in a matter of seconds, even in just a few inches of water, and sometimes their struggle may be silent. This is why the absolute importance of kids swimming lessons shouldn’t be understated. The safety benefits provided by these lessons is paramount.

Confidence Booster

Did you know that swimming lessons have been proven to reduce the likelihood of child drowning by 88%? This is an exceptional accomplishment that speaks to the value of investing in swim lessons taught by certified and trustworthy instructors who love swimming and want to teach your kids how to love it, too!

Safety First

For every young drowning victim, another four are hospitalized and 16 more receive emergency medical attention for near-drowning, as published by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is why baby swimming classes in Los Angeles, CA, are so important, because not only do they teach kids the basic strokes, but also water safety, survival skills and much more.

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