The Benefits of Using OptiPlex Desktops

Having high-powered desktop computers for you and your business to use is imperative to streamlining company productivity. Each and every business is different, making their technological needs different as well. No matter what your personal circumstances are, you want to invest in desktops that are guarantee stability, security and reliability above all else. The Dell OptiPlex 790 is designed to help save your IT department time and money by implementing a flexible, intelligent design that ensures efficient productivity and performance. Learn more about why OptiPlex desktops are a popular choice among businesses aspiring to reach their ultimate potential.

 Longer Life Cycle

Buying desktops for your business is a costly financial investment that requires your complete attention. Failing to purchase desktops that can keep up with your day-to-day operations will inevitably cause you major headaches down the road, so you want to be sure that the desktops you invest in can be relied on now and for years to come. OptiPlex desktops have been proven to last longer than other leading desktops and also come with innovative features that minimize the chance of corrupt or lost data.

 Powerful & Dependable

Equipped with an advanced 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, the Dell OptiPlex 790 is designed to deliver high-speed performance without sacrificing any display or memory options. Being able to store your data on a central system that can be trusted to stay up and running will inevitably increase your company’s productivity and downtime.

 Highly Flexible

OptiPlex desktops come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms, meaning you have options when it comes to choosing the desktops that will best serve your business. Dell has long relied on customer-led innovation to dictate the desktops they put out, and the OptiPlex 7010 and 790 are no different. With newly redesigned form factors that can be tailored to your individual needs, OptiPlex desktops can be modified and adjusted depending on how you plan on using them.

 Top-Notch Security

In today’s world, computers are extremely susceptible to hackers, viruses and other threats that can bring your operations to a standstill. The Dell OptiPlex 790 takes into account these modern-day security issues and provides innovative, secure solutions to ensure your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. From cable and chassis locks to advanced system authentication, OptiPlex desktops are built to combat real-world technological threats and stay in tip-top shape.

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