Social Media: Sales or Brand Awareness?

Marketers often engage in disputes over whether social media is more useful in attracting sales or earning brand awareness and engagement. Arguments like this are never easily resolved, but since both are deservedly valued, perhaps the best way to settle it once and for all is to come to terms with a way to bridge the gap between the two.

You’d have to construct a system whereby social media is viewed as one recurrent process to build relationships that eventually makes fans and followers become customers and die-hard devotees. Marketers can benefit from seeing social media as one fluid process, instead of disjointed, irrelevant pieces of a puzzle. When designing your marketing strategy and want to include social media, think about getting input from professional business management consulting firms first.

Directory of Details

It’s more of a short-term goal to get fans and followers. If it doesn’t lead to both sales and brand awareness and engagement, it serves little purpose but to entertain. If marketers can think about social media as a directory with access to hundreds of millions of people and details, it could be utilized differently to serve both needs. That is, it could bring awareness to sales, and lead to advocacy.

With a business management consulting company in your corner, you’ll be able to maximize what you can do with social media. Build an audience of interested people, create content to establish a relationship, earn their traffic to your site, advertise and build subscribers, and construct a sales funnel from the traffic. It will take time, but the relationship will be fruitful.

Customer Advocacy

Increasing brand awareness is an essential benefit of social media, but it doesn’t stop there. Think of social media as an opportunity to engage with fans in a meaningful way. You can use it to produce a real return on investment effectively over time. Earning brand advocacy is indeed possible, and marketers can use social media to achieve this end.

You’ll be putting less effort into reaching your goals because your customers will sell your product and services for you. Create informative content, engage qualified leads, send out reminders, offer the occasional incentive, and provide customer support. These are proven methods for creating opportunities for brand advocacy to thrive.

Social media marketing can serve as a valuable foundation for the success of any company. But to make maximum use of it, it’s crucial to generate brand awareness to serve sales and lead to advocacy. Look to business management consulting firms in your area for help.

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