Get Familiar with Different Pendant Kinds Before Buying

‘Pendant’ is a Latin word that means ‘to hang down’. Therefore, all hanging down objects are called pendants. Pendants related to jewellery are handy accessories, which can instantly enhance your outfit. Your presence can be made felt with designer pendants with a unique blend of modernism and sentimentality. You can carry modern dresses and traditional wear with elegance.

How will you choose a pendant?

There are plethora of pendants and choosing one will depend on factors like –

  • Outfit to wear with
  • Type of chain to pair with
  • Occasion

Depending on your choice, chains can be chosen in variety of materials, lengths, and styles.

Necklace length

For collar necklace 10” to 14” is fine but if you opt for loose fit then consider 16” chain [choker] that sits above collar bone. Princess necklaces are 18” that sit near breast bone. For gold pendants for women and lockets 20” Matinee chain is perfect.

The 24” gold or silver pendant chains lay right below the bust centre. The 28” chains will hang below your bust. Chains longer than 38” will dangle below navel. The long chains are generally wound 2 to 3 times for gaining a layered effect.

Neckline of the outfit

Neckline of your outfit plays a vital role in choosing the chain length and diamond pendant that will complement it.

  • Halter necks – You gain narrow V-shaped impression. Small and short necklace with pointed end pendant will look cool.
  • V-neck – Choose necklace width [narrow or wide] as per the V-shape. Pendant having tapering end will look elegant.
  • Collared shirt with button down – There no space for chunky wear but choker will look good on slender necks. Nevertheless, you can wear thin chain with round pendant resting near last open button.
  • Scoop neck – You can choose layered beaded necklace to fill the space. Chain with many pendants also looks trendy.
  • Turtle neck – Long chains are perfect.
  • Strapless – Chokers with metal pendants look great.
  • Cowl neck – Bead string looks appropriate with this neckline.
  • Asymmetric neckline – The necklace also needs to have asymmetric design.
  • Crew neck – Bib or collar style necklaces are suitable.

Body type

Gold pendant designs need to be chosen on the basis of wearer’s body type. Person with large build must choose large and more visible and eye-catching pendants. Similarly, a small person will look stunning in cute, delicate pendants.

Different types of pendants

Pendants are dazzling eye-catchers, so choose them carefully. Below is a list of popular pendant types.

Solitaire diamond pendant

Sparkling diamond is a timeless appeal and buying a solitaire is an ultimate dream.

Diamond and gemstone pendant

Diamond flanked with gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and garnets on either side is trendy and fashionable. This setting highlights the diamond’s glitter. This is an essential pendant type because multiple colours allow her to complement every coloured dress from her wardrobe.

Pearl pendants

Pearls look beautiful as standalone because they have classic aura. However, make sure to buy best natural pearls. You can choose from natural, cultured, slat water, fresh water, and imitation pearls. Each one displays their personal pros and cons.

When you buy dazzling gold pendants for men online then make sure to determine the neck length before choosing its shape and weight.

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